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It is a well known fact that anyone can sing, and that anyone can sing good! We all have vocal cords and they work the same for anyone, no matter who you are. All of our voices operate the same way, the only difference is the distinct sound that each of us possess (and yes, anyone can develop a radio-friendly voice). Now wait a second, if all of our voices operate the same way, then does this mean there is an instruction manual to the human voice? Yes! People have spent their entire lives researching the human voice and how the vocal cords work for singing. This means that our current knowledge of vocal technique is based on the last 100 years of proven scientific research. So where can you find all of this proven and effective information? Right here on this website. Anyone can sing and we will deliver the proof.

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View and track the progress of our singing study designed to debunk all of the myths about having to be "born a singer" and claims that bad singers are "tone deaf." We take a very bad singer, or should we say inexperienced singer, and allow him to work with the world's best vocal training program for 6 months to see if anyone can learn how to sing good. We will post audio clips displaying his "before and afters" and upload monthly journals describing goals, accomplishments, and problems encountered during each month of this singing study to prove that anyone can sing. Is singing a natural talent? For some, yes it is. However, that does NOT mean that you must be "born with talent." As you browse our website and read all of the valuable information, tips, advice, and tutorials, you will be convinced that anyone can learn how to sing. Do you want to watch our bad-singer-gone-good make a transformation in his singing voice? Can anybody sing? Get the proof...

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